Benji’s Stammbaum

The Fortune- Hunter`s
Majestic Roy


Country Classic

Clarion Crystal Fire

Clarion Cloak

Manahound Match Point

Clarion Coffeebean

Daragoj Starsong

Briarhill Our Own Brucie

Daragoj Sabrina




Daragoj Lovenote

Briarhill Our Own Brucie

Echo Run
Jumping Jack Flash

Loverly Too Hot To Touch

Daragoj Great Pleasure

Daragoj Jumping Jack

Daragoj Piece of Gold





The Fortune- Hunter`s
Special Kikidi

Susquatch Acorn Special

Daragoj Casio

Daragoj Statesman

Daragoj Half and Half


Red Baron Super Star

Red Baron Ice Cream Soda




Who Knows Allody
of Jusine’s Pack

Sweet Connection’s
Bar Espresso

Red Baron
Shine Bright Moon

Impet Bonnie

Called Whisper
of Justine’s Pack

Magic Noire Grant

Magic Noire Caroline

Welpen des Wurfes:

The Fortune- Hunter’s Mystic Raven
The Fortune- Hunter’s Majestic Roy
The Fortune- Hunter’s Magic Rainbow
The Fortune- Hunter’s Romantic Rose
The Fortune- Hunter’s Remarkable Rayka

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